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You can buy two types of tickets from this page:

  • e-tickets, which you print yourself
  • Online Box Office tickets which we will post to you if there are more than 14 days to the first concert you book. If there are fewer than 14 days to go to the first concert you book, we will hold all your tickets for you at the door of that first concert.

Simply enter the number of each ticket type you wish to purchase in the appropriate box with a green background, scroll down to the bottom of the screen, and select e-tickets or online box office. Then select your mailing preference and "Click to purchase".

All tickets are unreserved within seating price blocks. Premium tickets (where available) are the closest to the stage, followed by "A" tickets, and then "B" tickets.

Prom Tickets are available on the door. If all seats for an event are the same price, we call them "A".

Hover over any of the links below to open an information window.

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Online Box Office tickets


10% discount for buying tickets to four or more events


Season Tickets


Free under 12 tickets


Group sales


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An e-ticket is one you purchase here and print on your home printer. There is no handling charge for e-tickets.
An online box office ticket is one you purchase here, online, but request us to supply.
A handling fee of £2 will be added to each online box office transaction. If you have difficulty printing your e-tickets then visit our reprint page.

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