Triora Musica
From Fayrfax to Taverner
Pre Reformation English music in the grand style!
Course tutor: Deborah Roberts
Triora, Italy
Sat Sept 2nd to Sun Sept 10th, 2017
Arrive in Triora Sat evening to start Sun 3rd morning

Music includes movements from two Taverner masses: the glorious 6-voice Missa Corona Spinea and equally splendid Missa Gloria Tibi Trinitas, plus a reconstruction of Vespers with Sarum chant and Fayrfax’s Magnificat Regale.

dates and times Fayrfax 2017
bus from Nice airport 5pm approx September 2nd
first session of course 10am September 3rd
main performance early evening Sat Sept 9th
bus to Nice airport approx 7am September 10th

Voice (S/A/T/B)
or other
  Experience: please give details of your singing experience including choirs you sing in, sight reading ability, grades, diplomas etc.
  £375 Full price place  
  £200 Student of performance (give place of study in experience box above)  
Transport. We will be arranging a bus from Nice airport to Triora and back. Please indicate your preference
Please book me a place on the bus. Cost will depend on numbers  
  No place needed on bus as I will make my own way    
  Not sure yet- I will let you know    
Please indicate your accommodation preference (eg room in Casa Convento, B&B in Triora,- see our accommodation page for ideas). We will help organise. *.
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