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Our annual Early Music Live! showcase has got to offer the best value ticket in the entire festival! Five of the country’s top emerging ensembles, in 20 minute sets, offer an afternoon of endless variety, from early medieval song through to Mozart. To cap it all there are home-made cakes!

We particularly welcome early music promoters to come and hear the newest talent. There will be an opportunity for you to meet the artists over a glass of bubbly after the event. If you are interested in attending please contact the artistic director:


Medieval vocal ensemble

Emily Burn, Victoria Couper, Clemmie Franks singers

I syng of a mayden
Sacred and secular songs from 12th to 15th-century Europe. Devotional works sit side by side with playful songs inspired by love and nature.


Renaissance ensemble

Charlotte La Thrope soprano
Samuel Staples violin
Alice Trocellier viol
Sergio Bucheli lute

Da pacem
Music for peace from the Holy Roman Empire of Charles V and modern times, including works by Josquin, Escobar and Arvo Pärt.


Early baroque ensemble

Rory Carver tenor
Jonatan Bougt chitarrone
Harry Buckoke viola da gamba

The twilight and its heralds
Music by Lawes, Purcell and others inspired by day and night’s most virtuosic heralds, the lark and nightingale.

Dramma Per Musica’s goals are clear. The group seeks the drama that is possible only through music; that confluence of emotion and reason through sound and language. This search has led them to the Italian, and Italianate, works of the 17th century, where composers and librettists sought classical models of musical expression and theatre and created the first Dramma per musica (Drama through music). They perform at BREMF with their core team of chitarrone, viola da gamba and voice. But the group itself is conceived as a modular one, adding continuo instruments or inviting singers to suit the programme and add to the drama.


Baroque ensemble

Simone Pirri & Alice Poppleton violins
Sergio Bucheli chitarrone
Jacob Garside cello, viola da gamba

Georg Muffat: The Great European
A programme of Muffat’s music presented as direct responses to his main and self-professed influencers; Corelli and Lully. Played in the form of a composite suite with music from Lully’s ballet Le Carnaval, and as part of a composite sonata with music from Corelli’s opus 1 Trio Sonatas. Muffat published his music to German audiences with the achieved ambition of introducing the French and Italian musical styles to Germans and assimilating them into the German stylistic canon. He was a Scot by blood, born and raised in France, studying under Lully (an Italian) and later would travel to Italy finally settling in the country he considered himself a citizen of, Germany.

Interval refreshments including home-made cakes

Prom Ticket/SP (on door only) £5


Classical ensemble

Rosie Bowker flute
Eleanor Corr violin
Tom Isaac cello
Emil Duncumb fortepiano

Mozart in Miniature
Pocket Sinfonia takes you into the homes and salons of early 19th-century Vienna to hear Mozart arranged by his virtuosic student Johann Nepomuk Hummel.


I syng of a mayden



Hildegard of Bingen 1098–1179   Favus distillans
Montpellier Codex 13th century   S’on me regarde/Prennés i garde/
Francesco Landini 1325–1397   L’alma mia piange
Jacopo de Bologna c.1340–1386   Aquila altera
Johannes Vaillant fl.1360–90   Par maintes foy
Anonymous15th century arr. William Lyons 2014   I syng of a mayden
Anonymous   Pastime

Da pacem



Josquin Desprez c.1450–1521   Agnus Dei from Missa Da pacem
Francisco Guerrero 1528–1599   Si la noche haze escura
Pedro de Escobar c.1465–after 1535   Las mis penas, madre
Anonymous   Al alva venid
Arvo Pärt b.1935   Da pacem Domine

Twilight and its heralds



Robert Johnson c.1583–1633   Hark hark, the lark
Nicholas Lanier 1588–1666   Mark how the blushful morn
Stefano Landi 1587–1639   Augellin
Landi   La terra e’l ciel
Johnson   Care charming sleep
Henry Purcell 1659–1695   Evening Hymn



Muffat – The Great European



Georg Muffat 1653–1704
Jean-Baptiste Lully 1632–1687
arr. Jacob Garside
  Composite Suite Overture – Minuet I – Minuet II – Air d’Español – Gavotte – Ballet comprising extracts from Muffat’s Florilegium Primum, Fasciculus II. Sperantis Gaudia (1695) and Lully’s ballet Le Carnaval (1668)
Arcangelo Corelli 1653–1713   Sonata da Chiesa in C major Op.1 No.7
Allegro – Grave – Allegro
Muffat   Sonata IV in E minor from Armonico Tributo (1682)
Grave – Balletto – Adagio – Aria. Presto

Mozart in Miniature



Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756–1791   Symphony in D major No. 35 K385 ‘Haffner’ (arr. J N Hummel)