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Roberta Diamond soprano
Daniel Thomson tenor
Mirjam-Luise Münzel recorders
Sophie Creaner recorders
Harry Buckoke viola da gamba
Aileen Henry harp
Toby Carr lute

World-renowned for its musical accomplishments, King Christian’s court in early 17th-century Copenhagen was a lodestone for composers and virtuosi across Europe, including John Dowland, Tobias Hume, Irish harpist Cormacke Mcdermid, Praetorius and Scheidt. Rose Tremain’s bestselling novel Music & Silence is set at roughly the same time in Denmark and centres around the King’s musical establishment as well as the colourful life of his court.

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Winner of the Whitbread Novel Award

In the year 1629, a young English lutenist named Peter Claire arrives at the Danish Court to join King Christian IV's Royal Orchestra. From the moment when he realises that the musicians perform in a freezing cellar underneath the royal apartments, Peter Claire understands that he's come to a place where the opposing states of light and dark, good and evil, are waging war to the death.

Designated the King's 'Angel' because of his good looks, he finds himself falling in love with the young woman who is the companion of the King's adulterous and estranged wife, Kirsten. With his loyalties fatally divided between duty and passion, how can Peter Claire find the path that will realise his hopes and save his soul?

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John Dowland 1563–1626   If that a sinners sighes
Jacques Foucart
? – early 1600s
Anonymous Voigtlander MS   Jt trofast Hierte gaar for Alting
Irish Traditional   Captain O’Kane
Cormack MacDermott
? –1618
Melchior Borchgrevinck1570–1632   Amate mi ben mio
Alfonso Ferrabosco II
c. 1575–1628
  Pavan on four notes
Tobias Hume 1579–1645   King of Denmarke’s Health
Mogens Pedersøn 1583–1623   Non fuggir
Dowland   Flow my tears
Johann Schop 1590–1667   Lachrimae Divisions
Anonymous   Kyrie and Sanctus
from a Mass in Copenhagen Royal Library
Turlough O’Carolan 1670–1738   Mild Mabel Kelly
Castle Kelly

King Christian IV's musicians