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Hannah Ely and Lucinda Cox sopranos
Helen Charlston and Lissie Paul mezzo-sopranos
Josh Cooter and Tom Kelly tenors
Ben McKee and David Maguire basses

1588 – a year that almost drastically changed the course of history in Britain. But for a change in the wind, the Spanish Armada would almost certainly have succeeded in invading these shores with untold consequences. In the same year, the first Italian madrigal anthology with English texts crossed the Alps; a peaceful invasion that encouraged a craze for all things Italian, especially the singing of madrigals.

The beautiful young voices of Fieri Consort sing passionate madrigals from the anthology Musica Transalpina, alongside sacred Spanish gems from the time of Mary Tudor’s marriage to Philip II of Spain, and other works reflecting rich cultural exchanges between England and the Continent.

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The Spanish Armada

Singing madrigals

Girolamo Conversi
dates unknown
  Zephirus brings the time that sweetly scenteth
Noë Faignient
before 1540–before 1600
  These that be certain signs of my tormenting
Tomás Luis de Victoria c.1548–1611   O magnum mysterium
Alfonso Ferrabosco I 1543–1588   I saw my Lady weeping
Philippe de Monte 1521–1603   From what part of the heaven
Francisco Guerrero 1528–1599   Ave virgo sanctissima
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina 1525–1594   In every place I find my grief
Orlando di Lasso c.1530–1594   The nightingale so pleasant and so gay
Victoria   Ave Maria
I N T E R V A L    
Alonso Lobo 1555–1617   Versa est in luctum
Philippe Verdelot
  O dolce nocte
Cortese alma gentile
Ultimi miei sospiri
Anonymous   Lo, here my heart in keeping
William Byrd c.1539–1623   The fair young virgin
Monte   Super flumina Babylonis
Byrd   Quomodo cantabimus