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Many historians have pointed out the similarities between the English Reformation (the break with Rome) and Brexit (the break with Brussels). Most notably, the country in each case becomes fiercely divided with passions running high.

This programme looks at the lives and music of three Tudor composers: John Taverner, born a Catholic but drawn towards the be-leavers in Lutheranism and repenting his ‘Popish songs’; Thomas Tallis, who remained loyal to Rome his entire life; and his friend and pupil, William Byrd, who converted to Catholicism and wrote music covertly bemoaning the fallen state of England. Music includes movements from Taverner’s splendid pre-Reformation Missa Corona spinea, Tallis’s Lamentations and works in English and Latin by all three composers.

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BREMF Consort of Voices 2017

Part one: The pre-Reformation under Henry VIII
John Taverner c.1490–1545   O Wilhelme pastor bone
Sarum chant   Kyrie trope: Orbis factor
John Taverner   Leroy Kyrie
Missa Corona spinea – Sanctus
Sarum chant   Sequence: Ave Maria, gratia plena
Thomas Tallis 1505–1585   Salve intemerata virgo
I N T E R V A L    
Part two: The break with Rome
Musical austerity, but a Catholic writes beautiful music for the new Anglican rite
Tallis   Three Psalms from Archbishop Parker’s Psalter:
Let God arise in majesty
Why fum’th in sight
God grant with grace

Verily I say unto you
Catholic remainers: coded messages in music
Tallis   The Lamentations of Jeremiah part 1
Byrd   Vigilate
Tallis   When shall my sorrowful sighing slack
Byrd   Ne irascaris Domine/Civitas sancti
Tallis   The Lamentations of Jeremiah part 2
Affirming what is universal: The Trinity
William Byrd c.1539–1623   Tribue Domine