La Fonte Musica

Alena Dantcheva and Francesca Cassinari sopranos
Gianluca Ferrarini tenor
Susanne Ansorg and Teodoro Baù medieval fiddles
Michele Pasotti lute, director

We welcome from Italy the renowned ensemble La Fonte Musica in a thrilling programme of music from their latest Diapason d’or-winning recording. The same magazine also selected it among 'the top 100 albums all music lovers need to know'.

Accompanied by projections of mysterious and fantastical images from medieval manuscripts.

Supported by The Behrens Foundation

The album paints a Middle Ages together alive and imbued with a veracity … it also expresses in an equally eloquent way our contemporary tastes… The young Italian group [has] a force that echoes that of the pioneer interpreters of medieval music Diapason

Prom Ticket/RVS (on door only) £5

Jacopo da Bologna
  Sì chome al canto della bella Iguana
Paolo da Firenze
c.1355–after 1436
  Non più infelice
Jacopo da Bologna   Fenice fu’
Bartolino da Padova
  Strinçe la man (instrumental)
Philippe de Vitry
fl. first half of the 14th century
  In nova fert/Garrit gallus/Neuma
Guillaume de Machaut
  Phyton, le mervilleus serpent
fl. end of the 14th century
Codex Faenza 117
  Constantia (instrumental)
Antonio Zacara da Teramo
1350/60–after 1413
  Je suy navvrés/Gnaff'a le guagnele
I N T E R V A L    
Niccolò da Perugia
fl. second half of the 14th century
  Qual perseguita dal suo servo Dafne
Filippotto da Caserta
fl. second half of the 14th century
  En attendant
Jacopo da Bologna   Non al suo amante più Diana piacque
Codex Faenza 117
  Viver ne puis (instrumental)
Matteo da Perugia
dafl. c.1400–1416
  Già da rete d'amor
Francesco Landini da Firenze
  Sì dolce non sonò col lir' Orfeo