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The BREMF Singers & Players

Elspeth Piggott and Lucinda Cox sopranos
Bethany Horak-Hallett mezzo-soprano
Sebastian Maclaine tenor
John Lee bass

The BREMF Players
Alison Bury leader

The BREMF Singers
John Hancorn director

Ovid's eternal stories set to music by Handel, to include his chamber cantata Apollo and Daphne and selections from his oratorio Semele, including the famous aria 'Endless pleasure, endless love'.

All of the talented young soloists were selected by audition and are part of our BREMF Live! scheme.

Prom Ticket/SP (on door only) £5

Bethany Horak-Hallett
Sebastian Maclaine
Lucinda Cox
John Lee
Elspeth Piggott
G F Handel
  Chamber Cantata
Apollo and Daphne
Handel   Excerpts from Semele
Act 1  
Chorus   Lucky Omens, bless our rites
Aria: Semele   Endless Pleasure, endless love
Act 2  
Aria: Juno   Hence Iris, hence away
Chorus   Now love that everlasting boy invites
Recit: Jupiter   By my Command
Aria: Jupiter   Where'er you walk
Duet: Semele & Ino   Prepare then ye immortal Choir
Chorus   Bless the glad earth with heavenly lay
Act 3    
Recit: Jupiter   O Semele
Aria: Semele   I ever am granting
Recit: Jupiter   Speak, speak your desire
Recit: Jupiter   By that tremendous flood I swear
Recit: Semele   You'll grant what I require
Recit: Semele   Then cast off this human shape
Aria: Jupiter   Ah, take heed what you press
Aria: Semele   No, no, I'll take no less
Recit: Jupiter   Ah, whither is she gone?
Aria: Juno   Above measure is the pleasure
Recit: Semele   Ah me! Too late I now repent
Recit: Ino   Of my ill-boding dream
Chorus   Oh terror and astonishment
Recit: Apollo   Apollo comes
Chorus   Happy, happy shall we be