Musica Secreta

Hannah Ely, Deborah Roberts, Yvonne Eddy sopranos
Sally Dunkley, Katharine Hawnt, Victoria Couper mezzo-sopranos
Kim Porter, Caroline Trevor, Laurie Stras altos
Alison Kinder bass viol
Claire Williams organ

Celestial Sirens

Deborah Roberts and Laurie Stras directors
Presented by Laurie Stras

BREMF opens with a new way of exploring the making of music; a live ‘docu-concert’ which includes the first public performance in modern times of Antoine Brumel’s complete set of Lamentations for Good Friday, recently identified by Laurie Stras in a Florentine manuscript.

The programme also features other rare gems of renaissance convent music from a Florentine manuscript by the same copyist, but this time clearly commissioned by nuns; and a chance to interact with copies of pieces from this convent choirbook.

Prom Ticket RVS/SP (on door only) £5