BREMF@home: Across the Earth

Your opportunity to watch on demand the videos which made up our BREMF@home: Across the Earth online festival in October 2020.

All videos cost £10 to rent (giving 1 week’s access) or £15 to buy.

The Four Faces of Gaia
Our celebration of music across the earth from The Gambia, Azerbaijan, north and southern Europe and India – not to mention singers from Australia performing Spem in Alium.

Rebellion!: featuring Joglaresa
Joglaresa take an irreverent look at the politics of today, inspired by the antics of King John

Introducing the Trumpet Marine: featuring The Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments
Meet the trumpet marine, a towering, single-stringed instrument with a host of resonating or sympathetic strings.

Bird Charmer: featuring Piers Adams
with Piers Adams of Red Priest and James Duncan from Sussex Wildlife Trust

A virtuoso player and an expert on birds meet in the woods.

Birds, Bugs & Other Beasts: featuring Spiritato
with Delyth Taylor puppeteer

Family programme including music by Biber. Meet the beautiful animal puppets – made from things we usually throw away – and hear their important message about rubbish and recycling.

Connections: featuring Dirk & Adam Campbell
New and ancient music from Africa and Asia illustrating fascinating connections between living traditions and ancient antiquity.

Sweet Ayres of Arcadia: featuring Musicke in the Ayre
Within the ‘Arcadian’ pastoral landscape of the Sussex Downs, the house and gardens of St Mary’s House, Bramber provide the setting for songs reflecting on the beauty of nature as a metaphor for love, beauty and constancy.

Arcadian Wilderness: featuring Ensemble Augelletti
Baroque music on pastoral themes set in the exquisite 15th-century tithe barn of Sullington Manor Farm and the landscape of rural Sussex.

Pocket-Sized Classics: featuring Pocket Sinfonia

Mendelssohn Overture to A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Beethoven Symphony No. 6, the ‘Pastoral’

Newly commissioned animation and film of the natural world accompany two of the best-loved classics of all time, each arranged and reduced to chamber proportions.

BREMF Live! ensembles
Selected alumni ensembles from our young artist programme BREMF Live! come together for an online showcase performance.

Featured artists are Voice, Dramma per Musica, Apollo’s Cabinet and Ensemble Hesperi.