Voice and Celestial Sirens


Voice (Emily Burn, Victoria Couper & Clemmie Franks) - 2018-19 BREMF Live! artists
Celestial Sirens – female voice choir directed by Deborah Roberts and Laurie Stras
Sunday 10th February, 6pm
Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts
University of Sussex (Falmer campus)
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£7 (£5 conc) from The Attenborough Centre

Hildegard – the mystic legacy

Starting with the mystical chants of Hildegard, this programme introduces some of the extraordinary range of music that would have performed, and even composed by cloistered nuns in the Middle Ages and early Renaissance…

More familiar composers include Gilles Binchois (c.1400-1460) and Josquin des Prez (c.1440-1521), heard alongside Gregorian chant and anonymous music from two 14th-century Spanish manuscript: the Las Huelgas Codex from a convent in Burgos, and the Llibre Vermell from Montserrat in Catalonia.

Music from Italian convents will include tuneful Laude that the mystic Caterina Vigri (Saint Catherine of Bologna) enjoyed singing with her sister nuns, and from the 16th century 5-part motets that may have been composed by Lucrezia Borgia’s daughter, the nun Leonora D’Este.

Hildegard’s music has inspired a number of contemporary composers. The concert ends with music by Stevie Wishart and Marcus Davidson, including works specially written for Voice.

A post- concert conversation will take place with Professor Laurie Stras.

More info and tickets £7 (£5 conc) from The Attenborough Centre


Hildegard of Bingen 12 th century
  • Caritas habundat
  • O Clarissima Mater
  • O successores
  • Favus distillans
  • Nunc Gaudeant
Gregorian chant
  • Regnum mundi
Huelgas codex 14h century Spanish manuscripts
  • Agnus Dei, O jesu salvator
Llibre vermell 14h century Spanish manuscripts
  • O Virgo Splendens
Gilles Binchois c.1400-1460
  • Te Deum
Bologna Mus MS Q15 15th century laude:
  • Gaude flore virginale
  • O dilecto Iesu
'The Bottegari Lutebook'
  • Rifuta ogni diletto
  • Alma redemptoris mater
Josquin des Prez c. 1450/1455–1521
  • Alma redemptoris mater
  • Veni sponsa Christi
Attrib.Leonora d’Este 1515-1575
  • Veni sponsa Christi
  • Salve sponsa Dei
  • Salve sponsa Dei
Stevie Wishart (2001)
  • Azeruz
Marcus Davidson (2012)
  • Musical Harmony
  • O Choruscans lux stellarum