Brighton Early Music Festival Promoter Fund

The BREMF Promoter Fund scheme is taking a break in 2017/18. We hope to run the scheme again in 2018/19 and will publish details here in Autumn 2018.

2016/17 Promoter Fund information, for reference only:

Brighton Early Music Festival is delighted to be running our Promoter Fund scheme for a second year, offering a limited number of promoters a subsidy if they book one of our young artist ensembles. The subsidy is receivable on booking one of this year’s five Early Music Live! ensembles, and will range from £150 to £525 per group (depending on the size of the ensemble).

Early Music Live! is a 9 month training and performance scheme for exceptional early music ensembles in the first stages of a professional career. Run by Brighton Early Music Festival since 2007, ensembles are selected by audition each year. The five ensembles selected this year, their usual fees, and the available subsidy are set out below: (click on an ensemble name to download their programme leaflet)

Details of ensembles and subsidies available

Ensemble (number of musicians) Usual fee Promoter subsidy Total to pay
Lux Musicae London - baroque ensemble with singers & instrumentalists (7) website £1000 £525 £475
Consone Quartet – classical string quartet (4) website £1400 for an evening concert;
£1000 for a lunchtime recital
£300 £1100 evening;
£700 lunchtime
Block 4 - recorder quartet (4) website £800 £300 £500
Ensemble Hesperi – recorder and harpsichord duo (2) website £400 excluding harpsichord hire;
£475 including harpsichord hire
£150 £250 excl harpsichord;
£325 incl harpsichord
Fresh Ayre - voice and lute duo (2) website £500 £150 £350

Promoter Fund key points:

  • Up to 7 subsidies available

  • 5 Early Music Live! ensembles ranging from duos to larger groups

  • For concerts up to 30 June 2019

  • Subsidies range from £150 to £525 per group

  • A range of different programmes to suit your needs as a promoter

The Promoter Fund is competitive and limited to a maximum of 7 opportunities per year. You can apply for a subsidy relating to a potential booking of one of these ensembles for the period up to 30 June 2019. At the point of applying, the booking does not need to be confirmed, but if you are awarded a subsidy, we expect successful Promoters to be able to confirm a date and let us know within six weeks of confirmation. Only one subsidy will be awarded to each organisation each year, but it is possible to list preferences on the application form for more than one ensemble.

There is no official deadline for the promoter fund, although the application process is competitive and applications will be dealt with on a first come, first served basis. Once all of the subsidy has been awarded, we will add a note to this webpage stating that applications are closed. When we receive your application, we will let you know the outcome within three weeks.  

To qualify for the subsidy, you need to demonstrate:

  • That your annual income is generally less than £100,000

  • That you don’t regularly promote early music* ensembles.

* There is a debate about what is meant by the term “early music” but for these purposes we mean music from the medieval, Renaissance, Baroque and Classical periods (up to the end of the 18th century) which is performed on period instruments and with an understanding of the sound world/intention of the composer.

To apply for the subsidy, please download and complete the simple Application Form (which should only take 5-10 minutes).
Once complete please send it to or by post to 33 Lancaster Road, London N4 4PJ.

The form will ask for:

  • Your contact details

  • Your annual income for the past 2 years

  • Copies of your previous two season programmes (pdfs, hard copies or online links)

  • Your first, second, third, fourth and fifth preference for the five qualifying ensembles

  • The BREMF Promoter Fund aims to support exceptional young ensembles and provide a network for them to take early music performances to communities where early music might not normally be performed. We ask you to demonstrate how your application fulfils that aim.

At this stage, you do not need to contact the ensembles directly to discuss repertoire and dates – although you are welcome to do so if you wish. By granting you a subsidy we expect that you will be able to agree a programme and concert date (for the period up to 30 June 2019) with the artists within the next six weeks.  

If either you or the artist cancel the booking, you must email BREMF immediately. Where possible, we will work with you to find an alternative artist so you can secure the subsidy.  

Payment of your subsidy can be claimed after the concert takes place and upon confirmation that the booking took place. In order to release payment, we ask for a copy of the concert programme or review of the concert and an invoice for the agreed funding. We also ask you to answer a very simple 5 minute form about how the concert went and what you got out of the Promoter Fund and engaging the ensemble and your feedback.