Seating at BREMF events

BREMF events and venues come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, which means that we have a number of different seating layouts. Here is a summary, which we hope you will find helpful.


For many larger events we use a theatre seating layout with seats in rows. For these we have three categories of seating:

  • Premium seats are normally closest to the performers and centrally located (in venues with raked seating these are the lowest raked seats rather than the very front);
  • price A seats are normally behind the PR rows, or front rows at the sides or in the gallery;
  • price B seats are generally nearer the back.

For one concert (The Marriage of the Northern Star, 2 November) seats on ground level will be arranged around tables in café formation:

  • All the downstairs seats around tables will be at Price A.
  • Price B seating for this event will mainly be located in the gallery, with a small amount at ground level on the sides.

For most daytime events and some evening concerts all seats are a single price.

For many concerts we also have Prom tickets (£5), which are only available on the door. These admit you to a standing place or (in St George's Church only) a restricted view seat.

Seats at our concerts are unreserved, and you choose your seats from within the ticket block you have purchased on arrival.
However, you may see named reservation signs on some seats - this is a benefit for BREMF Friends at Supporter level or above, to thank them for their support of the Festival.

Become a Friend of BREMF and reserve seats
  • • BREMF Friends at Supporter level and above benefit from reserved seating at events.
    If this applies to you BREMF will contact you with a form to complete after booking your tickets.
  • Click here to become a Supporter and have the option to reserve your seats