Seating Summary

One of the unique things about BREMF is that our events, and the venues in which they take place, come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes! To cope with this we have a number of different seating plans, which can sometimes look rather complicated to newcomers. Here is a summary, which we hope you will find helpful.

For many of our larger events we use a theatre-like seating arrangement with often three categories of seating for advance booking. Premium (PR) seats are normally closest to the performers and more centrally located, but in St George’s Church also include central seats in the front row of the gallery.

In The Old Market, PR seats are on the first part of the rake rather than in the very front. Price A seats are normally behind the PR rows, but may include front rows located more to the sides.

In St George’s Church there are Price A seats in the Gallery as well as downstairs. Price B seats are nearer the back and again are located at both levels in St George’s.

For at least one concert each year in St George’s Church, seats on the ground floor will be arranged around tables in cabaret format. All the downstairs seats around tables will be Price A. The best Price B seating for this event will be located in the gallery, but we will also provide a small amount of B price seating at ground level.

For most daytime events and some evening concerts there is just a single price category for advance sale tickets, allowing audience members to sit wherever they prefer.

For most events we also have Prom Tickets (£5), which are only available on the door. For concerts at St George’s Church, these admit you to a gallery seat with good sound but a (very) restricted view. At concerts in other venues Prom Tickets admit you to a standing place. Regrettably there are no Prom Tickets at The Old Market.

Seating Information

  • Seats at BREMF events are not numbered and are unreserved within their different blocks
  • Premium seats are usually closest to the stage, with A seats behind, and B seats nearer the back or at the sides.
  • Doors open between 30 and 45 minutes before each event for you to come in and select the seats you want.

It would be impossible to number the free-standing chairs in the church venues we use, and the absence of numbering also allows fine-tuning of the seating to address any sight-line problems caused by pillars and pulpits, or unexpected performer layouts, so that everyone gets the best view possible.

However, you may have seen named reservation signs on some seats and wondered why these are there. We offer an informal seat reservation service for those who help us by making higher level contributions to our Friends Scheme (at Supporter level or higher). This is one of the ways we are able to thank them for their generous and regular support of the Festival, which is essential to its continued success. For information about becoming a Festival supporter please click here.