How to apply

We are now fully programmed for 2024 with the theme of Connections – something that is at the heart of much of what BREMF does and stands for.

In the second half of 2024 we will be starting to gather programme ideas for the 2025 Festival. More information on themes and what to send will be posted here in Spring 2024.

BREMF's programming ethos

Our theme for 2024 is Connections.

Brighton Early Music Festival has always been about pushing boundaries and exploring interesting collaborations to expand the reach of early music into new communities. Connections are at the heart of everything new, from thoughts and dreams to live interactions between people, cultures, art forms and historical periods.

With this in mind we are also widening the definition of ‘early’ music to include more traditional music from across Europe and beyond – nothing new to BREMF, but we now want to expand this in more detail focussing on creative interactions.

Our main activity is an Autumn Festival of events spread across three weekends, but we also programme occasional concerts at other times of year. We are interested in hearing from artists with interesting, theme-appropriate programmes which challenge preconceptions, appeal to a wide range of audiences, and offer something a bit different.

Applying to perform at BREMF

  • We programme around specific themes for each festival
  • Our programming aims to create new audiences for early music. Applicants who take this into account are more likely to be successful.
  • We only programme young artists through our annual auditions for our Early Music Live! scheme
  • We are less likely to take off the peg programmes unless they are part of a funded tour and can work within our theme. We often collaborate with ensembles to build programmes that will resonate with our themes and stimulate new ways of presenting and contextualising music.
  • With no core funding we are always operating on a tight budget and can rarely afford to programme ensembles from abroad unless they are offering a concert that is subsidised or part of a funded tour that coincides with our festival dates
  • Please make initial enquiries about performing at BREMF by email and please don’t send a CD unsolicited. Please do include links to performances on YouTube, SoundCloud etc. in your email and do also indicate the range of fees involved, and let us know if this includes transport and accommodation if required.

How to get in touch

Please note that we are only interested in programmes that work closely with our annual theme and combine good scholarship with imaginative, fresh and engaging approaches. Enquiries about performing can be sent at any time of year, but we are likely to be fully programmed by each January.

Initial enquiries should be sent to