BREMF Live! Past Participants

Below is a list of all the ensembles and singers who have joined us each year in our BREMF Live! scheme, which used to be known as Early Music Live!

Past Participants 2018/2019


Lucinda Cox (Soprano)
Angela Hicks (Soprano)
Sofia Kirwan-Baez (Soprano)
Helen Lacey (Soprano)
Elspeth Piggott (Soprano)
Bethany Horak-Hallett (Mezzo-soprano)
CN Lester (Mezzo-soprano)
Laura Lopes (Mezzo-soprano)
Keith Pun (Countertenor)
Sebastian Maclaine (Tenor)
Kieran White (Tenor)
John Lee (Bass)


Scaramella (renaissance vocal ensemble)

Melismata (renaissance/baroque duo)

Ensemble Théodora (baroque ensemble)

Apollo’s Cabinet (baroque ensemble)

Past Participants 2017/2018

Flauti d’Echo (recorder duo with continuo)
Improviso (instrumental ensemble)
Istante (baroque ensemble)
Rumorum (medieval ensemble)
The Gesualdo Six (vocal ensemble)

Past Participants 2016/2017

Block4 (recorder quartet)
Consone Quartet (string quartet)
Ensemble Hesperi (recorder and harpsichord duo)
Fresh Ayre (voice and lute duo)
Lux Musicae London (mixed ensemble with instrumentalists and singers)

Past Participants 2015/2016

Ceruleo (baroque ensemble with singers)
Duo Luminarium (viola da gamba & harpsichord duo)
Duo Seraphim (voice & lute duo)
Ensemble Molière (baroque ensemble)
Palisander (recorder consort)

Past Participants 2014/2015

Ars Eloquentiae (baroque ensemble)
Fieri Consort (vocal ensemble)
Harmonia Artificiosa (violin & harpsichord duo)
Colin Scobie & Tom Foster (violin & harpsichord duo)

Past Participants 2012/2013

Borromini Quartet (period string quartet)
Oxford Baroque (baroque ensemble with singers)
Musica Poetica (baroque ensemble)
Ensemble de Trianon (baroque ensemble)
Flauguissimo (flute & guitar duo)

Past Participants 2011/2012

The Marian Consort (renaissance vocal ensemble)
Spiritato! (baroque ensemble)
La Terra e il Mare (baroque ensemble with mezzo-soprano)
Duo Labyrinthe (viol & theorbo duo)
The Ensemble Evolution Wind Quintet (wind quintet)

Past Participants 2010/2011

The Musicians of London Wall (baroque meets folk)
Cantum Barbum (male vocal trio)
Il Nuovo Chiaroscuro (sackbut ensemble)
Les Mélomanes (baroque ensemble)
Galan (female vocal trio with continuo)
Sisters of Rose (medieval duo)

Past Participants 2008/2009

Triptych (baroque ensemble)
Gandolpho (violin & harpsichord duo)
Ensemble Tempus Fugit (baroque ensemble with singer & dancer)
Ensemble Amaranthos (baroque ensemble)
i Flautisti (recorder consort)
Prince and Pauper Consort (baroque ensemble with singers)
Stingo (folk duo)
Sine Nomine (medieval ensemble)

Past Participants 2007/2008

Treblemakers (recorder duo)
Acis (baroque ensemble)
Chelys (viol consort)
Triologue (baroque trio)
Little Baroque Company (baroque ensemble)
Claire Troth & Jamie Akers (voice & lute duo)
Sensus (recorder consort)
1607 Ensemble (vocal quartet)
The Watu (world music group incorporating some period performance musicians)