BREMF Sponsors: another way to support

The BREMF Sponsorship Scheme allows you to support the areas that interest you most.
You can donate here, or contact Harriet Lawrence, Development Manager, to discuss your sponsorship donation.

Sponsorship options

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, there are a number of ways we can direct your support depending on your wishes and priorities.

Concert Sponsor:
A great way to support a particular event about which you are passionate. Sponsorship helps us to cover artists’ fees, instrument hire and venue costs. CLICK HERE for a list of events available to sponsor in 2023.
Education Sponsor:
Each year, we take live music into primary schools across Sussex, reaching at least 1200 children, many of them in areas of low cultural participation. Schools are not in a position to be able to pay for these visits, so sponsorship is essential.
Young Artist Sponsor:
Our BREMF Live! young artist programme has been running since 2007 and helps to support young artists at the start of their career. BREMF Live! offers selected ensembles a year of mentoring, training and performance opportunities.

Examples of where your donation might go

  • £3,000 could fund the artist fees for a live event
  • £1,000 could support one of our BREMF Live! ensembles for their performance showcase at BREMF
  • £600 could cover the cost of fortepiano hire
  • £300 could pay for a venue for a lunchtime concert

We of course welcome sponsorship at all levels and are grateful for your generosity.

You can donate any amount using our donate page

We will get in touch to find out how you’d like us to use your sponsorship, or you can contact Harriet Lawrence, Development Manager at

Concert sponsor

As an event sponsor, we will work with you to ensure that your support is carefully targeted, and to ensure that (if you wish) you are credited as a sponsor in event materials. We can also arrange a block booking of concert tickets and a separate entertainment area for you and your guests at the event you are supporting.

“BREMF has transformed the musical life of Brighton and the surrounding area and places strong emphasis on supporting young musicians as well as established professionals. The public have lots of opportunities to become involved by taking part in workshops or volunteering. Young people can gain valuable experience of arts administration.”

Audience feedback BREMF 2019

Education sponsor

Taking live music into schools is a vital part of our work, and something about which we feel very passionately. Most of the children we perform to will never have heard live classical music before, and we work hard to target areas of lower cultural provision. School budgets are increasingly stretched, so we feel it’s important that these visits are completely free for the schools taking part.

“A breathtaking concert came to St Marks Choir and the music was so moving and it really did touch my heart but the worst part was the band leaving. If I wasn’t so lost in the music it would’ve had me in pieces and it really was the best time of year 6 in my opinion.”

Letter received from a Year 6 student after a classroom session by BREMF Live! ensemble Dramma per Musica, spring 2019

“I enjoyed performing in the church because I was really nervous at first and I felt really happy by the end. My family were proud of me and I felt proud of myself. It felt like something special to play music in the church.”

Eleanor, student at Hill Park Special School on BREMF’s Singing Across Europe education project, spring 2019

Young Artist sponsor

Support our BREMF Live! participants and alumni to develop much-needed skills and experience for the post-COVID world. These are tough times for young artists, and they need our help and support more than ever.

“This time gave me so much confidence with ornaments and also lots of ideas to try out at home. What I loved most was how much the audience were consciously and constantly in our minds. They were not a body to be fearful of but instead represented a challenge : how clear and compelling can we make this story for them?”

La Dafne Instrumental Player 2020

“Beautiful music, beautifully performed and staged. A real privilege and treat to attend such a special opera, provided only by an organisation such as BREMF.”

Audience feedback on La Dafne 2020