BREMF Sponsors: another way to support

The BREMF Sponsorship Scheme allows you to support the areas that interest you most.

Sponsorship options

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, there are a number of ways we can direct your support depending on your wishes and priorities.

Event Sponsor:
Support the production of specific live or online programmes including artists’ fees, instrument hire, filming and recording, animation and photography.
Education Sponsor:
As we hope to return to bringing live music into Brighton & Hove schools in 2022, we are also seeking support to create high quality online content for a wider reach.
Young Artist Sponsor:
Support our BREMF Live! alumni to develop much-needed digital skills and experience. Our support for them will include mentoring and seminars to enable young artists to adapt to the post-COVID world.

Examples of where your donation might go

  • £3,000 could fund the artist fees for a live event
  • £1,000 could support the costs of filming an event
  • £600 could cover the cost of fortepiano hire
  • £300 could support work on animated film content

We of course welcome sponsorship at all levels and are grateful for your generosity.

You can use the “sponsor now” button above to give £1,000, or any amount using our donate page

We will get in touch to find out how you’d like us to use your sponsorship, or you can contact Harriet Lawrence, Development Manager at

Event sponsor

With a mix of live and online events in 2022, there are opportunities for you to support wherever it means most to you.

As an event sponsor, whether live or online, we will work with you to ensure that your support is carefully targeted, and to ensure that (if you wish) you are credited as a sponsor either online or in event materials.

“BREMF has transformed the musical life of Brighton and the surrounding area and places strong emphasis on supporting young musicians as well as established professionals. The public have lots of opportunities to become involved by taking part in workshops or volunteering. Young people can gain valuable experience of arts administration.”

Audience feedback BREMF 2019

Education sponsor

During 2020/21 we developed some high-quality online materials for use in primary and special schools whilst visiting schools was difficult. We hope very much to be back in the classroom in 2022, but will also continue developing online content as a way to reach teachers and pupils across a wider geographical area.

“A breathtaking concert came to St Marks Choir and the music was so moving and it really did touch my heart but the worst part was the band leaving. If I wasn’t so lost in the music it would’ve had me in pieces and it really was the best time of year 6 in my opinion.”

Letter received from a Year 6 student after a classroom session by BREMF Live! ensemble Dramma per Musica, spring 2019

“I enjoyed performing in the church because I was really nervous at first and I felt really happy by the end. My family were proud of me and I felt proud of myself. It felt like something special to play music in the church.”

Eleanor, student at Hill Park Special School on BREMF’s Singing Across Europe education project, spring 2019

Young Artist sponsor

Support our BREMF Live! participants and alumni to develop much-needed digital skills and experience for the post-COVID world. We are making plans for several online study sessions during 2022, as well as a live showcase for BREMF Live! ensembles in Brighton in October.

“This time gave me so much confidence with ornaments and also lots of ideas to try out at home. What I loved most was how much the audience were consciously and constantly in our minds. They were not a body to be fearful of but instead represented a challenge : how clear and compelling can we make this story for them?”

La Dafne Instrumental Player 2020

“Beautiful music, beautifully performed and staged. A real privilege and treat to attend such a special opera, provided only by an organisation such as BREMF.”

Audience feedback to La Dafne 2020