Teachers – show BREMF@home in your school

The BREMF@home online events will be online for 7 days after the premiere, but as 26-30 October is half term in many UK schools, we’re aware that this will coincide with the 7 day catch up period for the first 5 events.

Birds, Bugs & Other Beasts puppets

However, if teachers would like to show any of these events in school during the first week after half term, please contact cathy@bremf.org.uk for a private link for educational use which can be used to watch the film(s) up to 7 November.

Maybe your KS1 class would enjoy Birds, Bugs & Other Beasts – combining baroque music with beautiful puppets (pictured) and a strong message about rubbish and recycling? Or maybe your KS3 students would like to tune in to Mendelssohn’s Overture to A Midsummer Night’s Dream with Kate Anderson’s fabulous animations? Get in touch and we can help and advise.

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