Sunday 25 October, 3pm on YouTube & Facebook


EVENT OVER. New and traditional music illustrates connections between living traditions and ancient antiquity.

Date & Time: Sunday 25 October, 3pm

Available Until: Sunday 1 November

Venue: YouTube & Facebook

New and traditional music illustrates connections between living traditions and ancient antiquity.

Father and son duo Dirk and Adam Campbell play an array of string and wind instruments from Africa and Asia, many of which are reconstructed from evidence dating back to ancient Egypt and beyond.

Dirk Campbell was born in 1950 in Egypt and moved to Kenya soon afterwards. Exposure to non-Western musics at a tender age gave him a lifelong facility with the musical traditions of Africa and the Middle East. Working as a composer for film, television and advertising, he was able to put some of these interests to use. He is still much in demand by other composers for his instrumental abilities, particularly recently on computer games.

Adam Campbell was born in 1997 in rural East Sussex. Growing up with his father’s eccentric repertoire, it was not difficult for him to acquire the same skills, and in 2017 he suggested that they perform together. Meanwhile he had taught himself guitar, classical and jazz piano, and passed Grade 8 drum kit with distinction. His current main focus is on developing material with his band. He plays bass with Brighton band Count Kujo.

List of instruments used in the programme:

Memesh – double-reeded single pipe, reconstruction from ancient Egyptian archeological finds
Ney – oblique end-blown middle eastern flute
Kaval – wooden version of the ney played in Turkey and the Balkans
Sebi – single-reeded double pipe, reconstruction from ancient Egyptian iconography
Birimbao – west African/Brazilian monochord
Tanbin – west African transverse flute
Nyatiti – Kenyan lyre
Duduk – transcaucasian double-reeded chalumeau
Dizi – Chinese membrane flute
Kora – west African harp
Bawu – Chinese reeded flute
Irish flute – traditional folk flute
Filimbi – Tanzanian overtone flute
Kalimba – African lamellophone

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